Stormed Congress ...

Obviously the assault on the Yankee Congress perpetrated by thugs who followed the orders of the President in their attempt to remain in power ... even without votes, was an embarrassment.

But it is not for us to tear our clothes: At least not when on our resume is the embarrassing episode against Congress that the Monagas, as uncivilized as Donald Trump, starred in the nineteenth century.

The point is to understand that in the great northern country an involution has occurred since the imperial heyday that occurred after the Second Great War ... when European stupidity for the second time in a century destroyed that continent ... leaving American democracy and communism standing. Soviet that started with the disadvantage of having suffered the horrors of war in its territory.

Thing not happened in the United States ... protected by 2 oceans.

But while economics is important… so are values.

An empire does not only live on bombs and cannons, production and territory: To be great, it needs people to create its history, however retouched it may have been.

And in the USA, people believed in their institutions ... a fact that explains many things that are missing today.

For example: In the United States, newspapers sold themselves and people placed the amount on a tray… if there was money left over, each person would withdraw the change without having a policeman watching.

In the houses they did not lock the doors and otherwise the key rings were left under the doormat at the entrance.

The cars would not lock and the ignition keys would not be removed from the switch.

He forgot to say that lying was the worst criminal offense and a liar politician could end his career.

The economic decline put an end to that and now the Yankees know inflation, having to work in 2 occupations, etc.

The Yankee empire declines, China grows, and institutions crumble because the citizen thinks that politicians are corrupt.

And in the face of a world that is crumbling, they elect a thug, real estate speculator and liar as President… like a third world colonel who attempts a coup that fortunately fails.

It is up to Biden to put order and imprison the rogue ... similar task that President Maduro must carry out ... with the scoundrel Guaidó.

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