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The lighthouse | Vladimir Acosta

The virtual and self-styled "World summit for democracy and the defense of human rights”, Summoned by the president of the United States (EU) Joe Biden to accuse Russia and China of being two criminal dictatorships that violate those rights and which democracies must all confront together, it was carried out as planned between the XNUMXth and XNUMXth. from December. And apparently, it did so with the tele presence of the XNUMX governments summoned in executive form as subjects of American power, by the Yankee empire at whose orders they are. The monotonous Summit passed without pain or glory, although it should not be underestimated for what we will see in a row. In any case, it seems that no one failed and that the control of the summoning imperial over her was absolute. None of the virtual assistants dared to interrupt Biden's long and tiresome inaugural litany, yelling at him: Until when, Manacho? Do not even think about it. They all went to hear and take orders. So, like timid elementary school students in the face of the imposing presence (in this case only virtual) of the school principal, they were all silent and very polite, listening passively to the voice of their master (His master's voice) as did the docile little dog of the old and famous publicity imposed in this America by the record company RCA VICTOR.

And by the way, the master and convener, that is, the gray President Biden, issued the very long and fallacious declaration with which he opened the Summit, leaving his Secretary of State, Blinken, to preside over it. No problem. For the servile guests at this sort of grotesque caricature of the UN assembly, whoever speaks on behalf of the United States is the master and is obeyed without question. And they, happy that the master summons them, a sign that he takes them into account. Shamelessness is the same whether it is a continental giant like India or a small, barely inhabited island, like Nauru or Tuvalu, which until not long ago used to accompany the United States and Israel when they were overwhelmed in the General Assembly of the United States. UN for the massive vote that condemned year after year the criminal US blockade against Cuba. A decision that in the end was useless, because in the UN or outside of it, the US passes over any law or decision that hinders it, running over anyone and always doing what it wants. The blockade of Cuba is the best example of this.

In the case of this "democratic" Summit, there was at the end another long and lying statement from Biden that the Summit participants listened to with the same doggy passivity with which they had endured the first. In short, total success of the master, who even generously allowed himself before his hypnotized subjects to make some slight self-criticisms of his insurmountable and almost perfect democracy.

Biden's goal has nothing to do with democracy. If it were, he would have to undertake the titanic and doomed task of starting by turning the US into a democracy and then examining how democratic the subservient governments and countries he calls are. Without forgetting that all this would have to be discussed in a democratic and non-authoritarian way in an international organization such as the UN. In which it cannot do so, not only because it is not interested but because there the militaristic and murderous plutocracy that is the US would be in evidence, and because Russia and China are also present at the UN.

Everything about this Summit is a sham. What Biden wants is to give an organic shape to his objective of promoting a new Cold War against China and Russia, to try to stop the former's economic growth and the latter's military power, neither of which is attacking anyone as it does on a daily basis. EU. And his idea is to turn that Summit into a world body, that is, into another UN, but totally his and integrated only with their lackey governments, to be able to do whatever he wants, because in the UN, in addition to Russia and China, there are several decent governments. . Thus, it is advancing a political and financial control mechanism and has declared that with what has been achieved in the next few months, it will convene the whore again, apparently to override the UN or replace it.

Meanwhile, this irresponsible character borders the war against Russia and China, which if it broke out would soon turn into a global nuclear war. The US seeks, with Ukraine, that this war, provoked by NATO, will soon break out against Russia and sweep across Europe. This is what the latest provocations by the US and NATO in the Black Sea point to, and the US ambassador to Ukraine and the servile NATO chief declare that they would be the first to use nuclear weapons. They can be bravado, but they can also be true. And it does not seem like a game because the US does not accept its unstoppable decline and European governments are not only servile but imbeciles, because the first thing that would destroy that war would be Europe, which for the third time would fall into the same self-destructive trap of provoking a world war, in this nuclear case, and only because of his reptilian servility to the US.

But the worst thing about the Summit's criminal farce is that all the participants in it know that what is proclaimed and accepted is a lie. The mainstream press is of course an accomplice. But so are analysts who call themselves critical and in their analysis repeat what Biden says: that the US is an almost exemplary democracy and that it has some small defects to correct, which they refer to. They know that the US is not a democracy, as do the false democracies that are part of that Summit of complicit and cowardly lies and servility.

The US is not a democracy.

That is why the lies that Biden proclaims as the prophet of a religious dogma are cynical:

  1. The defense of human rights is in the DNA of the United States. (One would have to think that the troops that with Yankee soldiers' uniforms massacre towns and destroy countries are from aliens),  
  2. EU is "the government of the people by the people and for the people”, Lincoln's phrase that defines democracy, but from which it is not derived that the United States is, that racist, elite, imperialist, slave-owning, segregationist country; and genocidal in addition to its indigenous population.                      
  3. Y America continues to be the beacon that lights the world to teach democracy and bring freedom.

All this is rubbish, it is pure excrement. And by accepting it, the servility of those attending the Summit reaches the height of indignity.

In addition, it is known, because it is seen daily, that the US no longer hides or disguises its crimes as it did before. Now he just commits them and even celebrates them. He kills, rapes, destroys countries that he cannot subdue, bombs and massacres, his murderous soldiers go unpunished, and his officials are even more so. Because that shameful and cowardly International Criminal Court only condemns governments that the US wants to subdue or overthrow; On the other hand, meritorious servants like Colombia and friends like Saudi Arabia or Israel are untouchable.

It would be useless to ask again how it is possible that the US continues to repeat its cynical lies to us and distribute this fetid excrement; that most of the world, for being cowardly, complicit and servile, accept it and consume it; And that incidentally take the opportunity to also commit crimes against their peoples, crimes that the US also supports or tolerates. We have known for a long time: it is a single, rotting sewer. And the immediate conclusion that derives from this sad picture of complicity, injustice and misery is that the United States, which continues to repeat that it is the beacon that shines on the world to bring democracy to it, instead of keeping such a beacon tied to its forehead, which is already all crooked, or having it firmly in hand, it seems rather that it is wobbly hanging from its rear.