The vaccines of discord

In the current situation, the private global industrial medical complex has taken the lead in the response to the covid-19 pandemic, being the suppliers of equipment, supplies and medicines, among other elements. In these times they are reporting high dividends to their shareholders, with something additional, less investment, since they demand public funds for research and development.

The quarantines have had drastic consequences for the economy at all its scales, being intolerable in the medium and long term, which justifies resorting to pharmaceutical preparations, which in scenarios other than the pandemic would be considered experimental.

Governments, in their eagerness to procure vaccines, do not skimp on resources for their purchase, to which is added scandalous concessions to pharmaceutical companies, such as the exemption of responsibilities against possible damages to the subjects that are applied, protected due to confidentiality clauses. Pharmaceutical companies require prior payment and are not obliged to comply with their commitments, which coupled with geopolitical conditions continue to favor the people with higher incomes.

In Venezuela, the Bolivarian Government opted for vaccines produced in China, Russia and now a Cuban one that is in phase III, of which about 600.000 have arrived from the first two countries. In a scenario without blockages, the reality would be different, for sure.

The World Health Organization seeks equitable access to vaccines through the Global Access Fund for Covid-19 Vaccines (Covax), and has reserved a significant amount of the Astra Zeneca formula for Venezuela, which is not authorized in the country. The opposition led by Guaidó has evaded its payment (with resources seized from the Republic), as agreed in the dialogue spaces, since for these it is another basis for blackmail.

Today the orientation is correct, to opt for vaccines created by public entities of allied countries, which due to the results are of superior quality. I would add the promotion of a global coalition for the liberation of vaccine licenses, as a formula for universal access.

Meanwhile, insist on personal and collective prevention measures.



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