The technological revolution

On the deadline for registering the candidacies, I talked with friends who had held good positions during the puntofijismo. Honest people who did not become millionaires and who the founding generation of AD did not allow them to rule because they considered them "some boys" at fifty years of age.

One of those friends wanted a phrase borrowed from Vargas Llosa to know my opinion about "when AD was screwed up: my answer was blunt" that started when the adecos lost power.

My answer provoked a cross-examination: "Sunday, I wanted to know in your opinion the date from which AD stopped making history."

Without hesitation, I answered that AD had only "made history" in 1945, when in its revolutionary government it allowed the vote of women, the poor, the illiterate and those over 18 ... which was an old desire. Then the "people's" party fell asleep on old laurels!

As we did not agree in blaming Lusinchi or in defining what “history” is, we returned to the present to realize that despite the fact that the only opposition candidates who mobilized militants to register their candidates were the adecos and ex-adecos ... that party, like “the opposition” in general, is empty-handed as it lacks a theory for how vital the technological revolution is in a century that points to a new feudalism.

Without that ingredient that passes through Education, Venezuela will not recover the Saudi prosperity that demagogues offer "for now" without realizing that 2 or 3 generations of Venezuelans per carambola live better than all the previous ones ... since the arrival of oil that we made it important in the world ... and allowed populism to put us in unnecessary debt ... "because Venezuelans have what to pay with."

It is obvious that the world will no longer finance a Venezuelan export industry like the oil companies with its savings.

On recovering prosperity, the government with crops, casinos and still lifes assumes that it is possible to rescue the income of Saudi Venezuela.

I do not think so.

The situation requires changes in education but by way of robotics ... bioengineering and things like that ... way that the new minister or the rector of the UCV ... do not seem to understand.

That is why the problem in these elections is not to vote or to abstain… it is rather… will there be worthwhile candidates?


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