Suffrage: the best democratic medicine

Despite all that fierce and ruthless negative campaign against Venezuela by the powerful and influential media machinery of the international right, in which they insist on convincing the entire world that in the Venezuelan nation we are victims of the worst dictatorship there is. on planet earth, that we are limited in the exercise of our political and social rights, with an oppressive state that leaves no gap open so that oppositional political thought can express itself and act freely.

Despite this production of lies and negative information about the Venezuelan political system, in which they conveniently hide that we have just had the 29th electoral process, in just 22 years and that hardly any other country in the world can show that it can carry out at least one election per year, and that, to top it all off, there is a key question: How is it possible that this particular “dictatorship” allows the participation in electoral processes of around 100 political parties, mostly belonging to the opposition? ?

Despite the holding of complex mega-elections on Sunday, November 21, 2021, despite all the media sabotage of the US Government, the Organization of American States and the European Union, it is a triumph for Venezuelan democracy, which dismantles the purposes perverse of the negative campaign against Venezuela, when they assure that "the Chavista dictatorship" does not have a true electoral system that guarantees the participation and opportunities that opposition political parties have the right to exercise. These mega-elections demonstrated the solidity and transparency of the Venezuelan electoral system and that in a Machiavellian way the international right maintains a suspicious silence, when the efficiency and reliability of the Venezuelan electoral processes, which are the most observed and audited in the world, are demonstrated.

To those who continue to attack our electoral system: it is important that they recognize the first-order meaning that in Venezuela we give to the vote as the true medicine that helps to strengthen the collective health of democratic institutions.

Democracies are perfected with more democracy.

Political scientist


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