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The same old proposal

Edmundo González Urrutia's proposal is none other than returning to neoliberal policies. The opposition candidate, whose campaign insists on remaining in the shadow of María Corina Machado, without rubbing shoulders with the people, always from afar; He also intends to return to the failed neoliberal plans that disempower our people. He can't think of anything good.

Plans that, according to him, will save Venezuela from the economic havoc caused by US sanctions, which his fellow opponents, including Mrs. Machado, promoted against the well-being of Venezuelans.

So the government proposal does not surprise us: they insist on their Yankee projects, which reduce the participation of the State (which in the case of our participatory democracy, also means reducing the participation of the people) privatize education through so-and-so " educational vouchers”, reduce social aid, benefit the classes that own capital, among other devices of a system that is already worn out and that would detract from the sovereignty and self-determination of our people.

I pause for a moment on the proposal to privatize education. An alarming approach, absolutely neoliberal and that will only succeed in excluding our people from the free educational system that we have guaranteed in Revolution.

For this reason we affirm that the Plan of the Venezuelan right does not change. It continues to be stateless and always aimed at benefiting large international capital. The candidate from the unitary opposition platform has already appeared there in some interviews and in the government proposal they promote, which would go to the International Monetary Fund...

To this end, he would also be willing to accelerate a national process of privatization of state companies, the liberation of the dollar, and of course: hand over PDVSA to the gringos. The latter being what moves the opposition gear in our country. They will not return!

Mexico has a president

We are very happy about the victory in Mexico of comrade Claudia Sheinbaum, representative of Morena, the party of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. The victory was overwhelming, thanks, among other things, to the commitment of AMLO and his “Fourth Transformation”, which has allowed the Aztec nation great advances in economic and social matters. And that has caused him to say goodbye to his mandate with widespread popularity.

Sheinbaum has been active alongside López Obrador since the beginning of his movement, and is also a colleague with deep training and militancy in the Mexican left since her student days. She has always fought against neoliberalism that has plunged Mexico into immense social and political inequality. She has also been, together with the people, working to reduce the social gap from the public positions that she has had to assume.

In his government plan called “100 steps for transformation”, he proposes increasing university and school scholarships, granting pensions to women dedicated to taking care of the home, strengthening the medical system to provide more and better care for the mental health of citizens, build thousands of homes to offset the deficit and bring gender pay parity to constitutional status.

One day after her election, the Mexican stock market fell, an unavoidable sign that Claudia will confront the usual financial interests, those that condemn the will of the people who decide to be free. We are sure that Shienbaum will continue with the transformation of Mexico.

Francisco Fonseca. Lawyer and politician

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