The Rodríguez Gómez

For some time I have in mind to write an article about the Rodríguez brothers, Jorge's children. Both are very relevant for the people to have a government that serves them with love. Jorge is the President of the National Assembly and Delcy Vice President of the Republic, positions of national and international political relevance, full of wisdom, cunning and love, with which both are well endowed.

Jorge and Delcy are worthy children of their father. I am aware of the importance that Jorge gave to the education of his children because we had to walk very close together during that time and share personal and political intimacies. Several times we open our hearts and souls to each other. I have never had another brother like him.

I was able to know the importance that Delcy mother had in that process. She deserves all the accolades. Especially in what has to do with the formation of Delcy and Jorge. Almost from anonymity with sacred hands and an integral and dignified soul, Delcy Gómez, a revolutionary without a doubt, was sowing love without hatred, responsibility, patriotism, liberation of the homeland. Under a sky full of generous stars, he knew how to preserve and nurture Jorge Rodríguez Sr.'s footprint, voice and thought, and that unredeemed spirit remained vibrant as an eternity that has inspired us all.

There are still people who don't believe in love. All the pain that the torturers inflicted on Jorge, he was transmuting into altruistic love. Of course Jorge was not going to give away! He loved us all intensely! That is why he did not leave with hatred, neither did Delcy Gómez nor her children experienced it or do not experience it. Jorge performed the miracle of the deepest transmutation. As his body died, his spirit grew, he rose, he formed as a chorus of souls that took him to a very high spiritually.

Altruism was like a destiny that Jorge discovered early. That is why he graduated as a rural teacher, that is, one of the most humble. Not with the aspiration of being a doctor, an academic. No, an honorable and meritorious rural teacher capable of raising himself by managing and forming consciences.

President Maduro, I propose that the Jorge Rodríguez order be created, which will not measure only knowledge but especially wisdom, noble and altruistic feelings.

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