The resurrection

If the Resurrection of the Lord had not occurred, our faith would be vain and our hope would be vain. This was rightly expressed by Saint Paul. The most glorious date, in the entire liturgy of the Church, is precisely the feast of the Resurrection. Last Sunday, the Christian world celebrated the day that Christ defeated death.

The Resurrection of the Lord is an auspicious date to meditate on the beauty of our faith. An opportunity to reflect on eternal life and on the need that each of us have to rise in the Lord to a new life, to a more just, more dignified and more committed to love of God and love of neighbor.

Saving the distances, it occurs to me to make a simile with the reality that Venezuela suffers in current times. Venezuela is also going through the pain of passion. A devastating pandemic and an economic, political, social and moral crisis that causes great suffering to the entire population.

Also for Venezuela, after the passion, the feast of the resurrection will come. We must prepare ourselves to contribute so that this resurrection of Venezuela allows us to build a fair, friendly, democratic country, with a quality of life for each of the Venezuelan families, with economic progress, that provides us with all the goods and services we require, with jobs. decent for all workers, with good wages, without inflation, without recession, with a public health service adapted to the new demands and with a social security system that protects all our citizens.

The resurrection of Venezuela has to be accompanied by a resurrection of our education. More and better education, from pre-school to higher education, that produces integral citizens, capable of forming citizens who choose with good criteria and contribute to the better development of the country for the benefit of all. More and better schools. More and better salaries for our teachers and for all health and education workers.

The resurrection of Venezuela has to be to enjoy a society in which justice, peace, unity and progress prevail in all areas of social life.

We salute the resurrection of the Lord. We ask him to enlighten all our leaders so that they can contribute to the resurrection of Venezuela in an atmosphere of peace, justice and solidarity.
We will continue talking.


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