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The interference that does not stop

I write these lines less than 50 days before the upcoming presidential elections scheduled for July 28 and everything points to a repetition of the opposition script. This time without critical mass on the street, but with greater aggressiveness in the illusory digital world, since apparently the proposal of the affiliated opposition of the White House aims to win the elections in advance in the virtual dimension in order to justify actions of violence when see themselves defeated in the (tangible and auditable) reality of the electoral polls.

This is not a concern that arises out of nowhere. It obeys a repetitive pattern, fueled by a sick obsession with reaching power at all costs, and even more, by the inexhaustible (and murky) financing of a power that, despite being internally broken, spends millions to eliminate a case of “bad regional example” that can spread the dangerous virus of sovereignty to its neighbors.

Such a presumption could become true, since the behavior of Washington's wards remains attached to the script written from the north. The truth is that whoever wins in the US electoral process in November, be it the almost convicted Donald Trump, or the nebulous Joe Biden again, US interference in our affairs will not stop.

Here is an example of what I say. Jorge Castañeda tells in his book The Unarmed Utopia, that in the 80s, when Ronald Reagan presided over the empire, nearly 30 billion dollars were spent to put an end to the nascent Sandinista Revolution, victorious in a nation (Nicaragua) that At that time it had more or less 3 million inhabitants. You can count, reader, how much money the State Department spent per person in its attempt to change the destiny of a nation to its liking.

And as the June 28 elections approach, the risk of any crazy attempt to create chaos will increase. Because, unlike other nations and historical moments, in our case the opposition of the Venezuelan extreme right lacks leadership with a vision of the State. Their objective is to take control of the country to, in addition to exterminating Chavismo, try to settle their debt with their patrons in the north.

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