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The illuminated one of Sarría

Carl Gustav Jung, the prominent Swiss psychologist, asserted that “one does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making darkness conscious.” Despite the suffocating obstacles of technology in today's world, of a science that responds every day with arid and extremely mechanical responses under an alienating vision, magic and miracles remain anchored in our lives to give us greater luminosity.

It is likely that for many the name Dolores Rengifo de Ramírez does not ring a bell. For others, devotees of the cult of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, it is still valid in a sector of northern Caracas. Doña Dolores, a devout woman with firm beliefs, promoted devotion to the Holy Family in Sarría. On October 3, 1934, Mrs. Rengifo testified that she had received a message from Jesus, thus beginning the procession of the image of Jesus, Mary and Joseph with an important devotional gathering where the social kaleidoscope of the country met with visitors from all walks of life. corners of Venezuela, even from places as distant as Mexico, Colombia and neighboring islands in the Caribbean.

But another would be the event that would mark his life and the lives of many. It is said that on September 27, 1942, when the pious Doña Dolores, when buying a loaf of bread to give to a friend, when she took it out of her bag, it appeared in the shape of a heart adorned with a crown of thorns and the name of Jesus carved into it. . Since that day, the mystical bread has been found in a wooden and glass box in the center of the altar of the Jesus, Mary and Joseph chapel on Calle Real de Los Cortijos de Sarría in perpetual and indissoluble veneration that still lives intact eight decades later. , an oral tradition recognized as a cultural asset of the nation. The hours of access to the chapel to honor the miracle and the Holy Family are indiscriminate. An oratory that remains open night and day, inspiring the composition of the well-known Christmas bonus sung at the most significant time of the year, Advent and Christmas. It is attested that the author of that simple and beautiful bonus was Mrs. María Nicomedes Hernández de Díaz back in the 50s. Who doesn't remember the chorus?: “The chapel is open night and day, we will all pray three Ave Marias.”

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