The emergence of power

The two large companies that monopolize the social media market, Facebook and Twitter, eliminated the accounts of Donald Trump, who is still president of the United States, after he provoked the assault on the American Congress last Wednesday. His followers began to massively migrate to another social network, Parler, then Google and Apple, the companies that monopolize the mobile software market, blocked this application in order to block Trump as well. The millionaire threatened to buy or build his own social network and promotes a call Gab, very similar to Twitter and created and dominated by Trumpists.

Edward Snowden, the famous ex-spy and now activist persecuted for revealing the gringo secret surveillance system, opined like this: "This will be remembered as a turning point in the battle for control of digital discourse." He also said that beyond the benefit of shutting up Trump, these actions could be maintained and extended beyond this particular case, and invited to imagine the consequences. For her part, Shoshana Zuboff, a researcher on these issues, as well as calling for punishment for Trump, warned that "we have allowed corporations to control the global information circulation system, leaving us on our knees before private companies and their political and economic agendas."

The facts are the practical evidence of the power of these monopolistic companies to influence not only their economic dominance, but also directly by “using force” and showing their dominion over information. It is the law exercised by private parties: Facebook and Twitter served to organize and lead the mobilization that ended up vandalizing the Capitol, and hours later they serve to try to eliminate a president from the digital space.

Millions will look for alternative platforms and millionaires will invest to offer them, antitrust lawsuits against Facebook and Google will gain a new incentive. The internal war of gringo capitalism is another expression of the great social and political fracture that that country is experiencing, whose consequences are global.

But the most interesting thing is the demonstration that this type of power exercised by the new technological monopolies surpasses the current legal-political schemes. There is no way to address its implications. A new logic of power emerges and prevails.

@ ÁngelDanielCCS

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