Duque's signs

Those who follow me know that I have been fighting the anti-homeland effects of the extreme polarization in Venezuela for a long time.

And since no one is exempt from the polarizing bombardment ... some will think I am a Chavista ... others emaciated.

This is because I usually fight bullshit wherever they come from ... but ... extreme polarization leads to the fact that if the aberration comes from the government ... the opponents protest ... but when and whoever it is often ... it is the opponents who make fun of the truth ... these gentlemen protest my criticism.

However, sometimes there are conditions to point to one and the other.

For example, when a mayor of the Psuv indicates with signs on the walls the houses where a covid patient lives ... and everyone to a woman ... and even the prosecutor opens an investigation.

And while some tear their garments in the Pharisee style ... and point out the inseparable ... while others wash their hands asking for the dismissal of the "comrade" ... I laugh at the nonsense.

I clarify that I have never seen Mayor Duque ... and I have no candles for or against that official ... but the cowardly attitude of the attackers and those who wash their hands ... some qualifying the action as "of Nazi origin" ... and others grunting "because it is more difficult to win that way" ... they allow me to explain why politics also has a pedagogical dimension.

Of course, equating the facts of Yaracuy with the Nazi signs is an outburst: the idiots who remembered the swastikas ... forget that in Hitler's Germany they used stars of David to mark innocent or at least healthy houses ... while in Yaracuy they are fighting with a pandemic still contained ... tends to escalate.

The Yaracuy signs seem right to me in a country where on the one hand the President orders quarantine ... and on the other they mount feasts ... like the one in Puerto La Cruz where the prosecutor was said. And the numbers of this pandemic are increasing.

I would like to read minds to see the reaction of neighbors to contaminated houses ... who, ignoring the situation in some cases ... would have been infected ... as happened to children who studied in the house where the pater familia was infected and did not tell anyone .

I insist: that mayor named after the president of Colombia did not commit a crime ... he tried to contain the figures for his municipality.

Another point won by populism and demagoguery.


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