The desperate plans of the southern command | Pasqualina Curcio

The actions perpetrated since March 21 of this year by irregular groups from Colombia in La Victoria, a Venezuelan territory bordering the sister country, were not improvised. They are part of Plan “B” of the Southern Command to destabilize our Nation and overthrow the Bolivarian Revolution.

In February 2016, the Chief of the Southern Command, Kurt Tidd, in a document entitled Operation Venezuela Freedom-2, wrote: “It is essential to emphasize that the responsibility in the preparation, planning and partial execution of Operation Venezuela Freedom-2 in the current moments rests with our Command ... Under a ´encircle and asphyxiation´ approach we have agreed with the closest partners of the MUD (opposition political party) to use the National Assembly as a pincer to obstruct governance: to call events and mobilizations, to interpellate the rulers, deny credits, repeal laws ”.

By that time, 2016, Plan “A” would be executed by the MUD deputies from the National Assembly. However, they also had a Plan "B". As Donald Trump said "All options are on the table." It reads in the same document: “Although in this area of ​​the military situation we cannot act openly now, with the special forces we must specify what was previously planned for phase 2 (pincer) of the Operation. The training and operational readiness of recent months with the Joint Task Force-Bravo at the base of Palmerola, Honduras, and the Joint Inter-agency Task Force South (JIATFS) allow placing such components in a position to act quickly in a geo-arc. -strategic supported by the military bases of ´control and monitoring´ in Arauca, Larandia, Tres Esquinas, Puerto Leguizamo, Florencia and Leticia in Colombia; all this as a place of Advanced Operations with projections over the central region of Venezuela where the political-military power is concentrated. "

Two years later, in February 2018, the Southern Command published another document: "Master Coup to overthrow the 'dictatorship' in Venezuela", among the plans were: "to continue the continuous fire on the border with Colombia, multiply the traffic of fuel and other goods, the movement of paramilitaries, armed incursions and drug trafficking, causing armed incidents with the security forces of the Venezuelan border and also recruiting paramilitaries mainly from refugee camps in Cúcuta, La Guajira and Norte de Santander ”.

Adding to these plans is to position the discourse of the alleged drug trafficking and terrorist character of the Venezuelan government. The Southern Command documents read: "The effort we have been making to link the Maduro government in corruption and money laundering to discredit its image before the world and its domestic followers cannot be set aside."

After 5 years, despite the fact that the MUD deputies, from the National Assembly (2016-2020) shamefully followed one by one and to the letter the actions of the Southern Command did not achieve their objectives of overthrowing the Bolivarian Revolution. In March of this year, the current head of that Command, Craig Faller, in his appearance before the US Senate, acknowledged the failure of his policy against Venezuela, said: “The Venezuelan President, Nicolás Maduro, continues in power with the support Cuba, Russia, Iran and China despite strong sanctions against the Bolivarian country in order to pursue the destruction of the Venezuelan economy. The appropriate diplomatic and economic pressure has been applied, it has not given the desired result.

It is no coincidence that while the actions were carried out on the border, Faller told the US senators: “the government of Nicolás Maduro is involved in drug trafficking, openly supporting narco-terrorism collaborating with the National Liberation Army (ELN) and the Dissenting Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC-D) to move hundreds of metric tons of cocaine from Colombia through Venezuela ”.

The Admiral affirmed in his appearance that between 2015 and 2019 the flow of drugs from Venezuela increased by 145%, a figure that in no way coincides with those of the recent June 2020 report published by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime. On the contrary, Venezuela, unlike Colombia, does not even appear among drug producing, consuming and trafficking countries. When it is mentioned, it is in the list of countries that have dismantled laboratories where cocaine produced in Colombia is processed. But, in addition, and in terms of trafficking, this report reads that, in recent times, drug trafficking in Venezuela has decreased considerably, which was already very low in fact. It is not true what Faller told the Senators, or at all, the case was misinformed.

As time goes by, the despair of the Southern Command and its boss, imperialism, becomes ever greater and also evident, especially since, failure after failure, its main enemies advance swiftly in the Region putting Monroe and his Doctrine in check. .

Craig Faller told the senators that "China, with the insidious, corrosive and corrupt influences of the Chinese Communist Party is one of the two greatest long-term strategic threats to the security of America in the XNUMXst century" and linked the Asian country with the second threat: transnational criminal organizations responsible for trafficking in arms, people and drugs. He stated: "I would like to point out that the DEA has cited Chinese money laundering as the number one funder of transnational criminal organizations."

The armed wing of imperialism is so afraid of losing “its” space in Latin America and the Caribbean that it whimpered before the Senate when it reported that “China is advancing rapidly towards its objective of economic dominance of the Region for the next ten years. In 2019, China surpassed the US as the leading trading partner with Brazil, Chile, Peru and Uruguay and is now the second largest trading partner in the Region. From 2002 to 2019, China's trade with Latin America skyrocketed from US $ 17 billion to more than US $ 315 billion, with plans to reach US $ 500 billion by 2025. "

Faller also confessed his fear of Russia for "the agreements of this country with Venezuela and Nicaragua to expand air and maritime access with the aim of projecting military power in the Region." Likewise, he expressed his fear for "the presence of Iran in America through economic and security cooperation." He even said that "he is concerned that Tehran maintains a television channel in Spanish that reaches 17 countries in the Region."

We are living the decline of the most genocidal empire in history that, like a wounded, fearful and desperate monster, also makes it more dangerous and clumsy by wanting to mark, with lies and threats, what since the time of Monroe considers “its” territory. Under the mantle of the Bolivarian Doctrine, the response from our glorious Armed Forces has been forceful and clear: "If you want, we too, and we are determined to do everything, the Homeland for us is everything."


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