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The citizen and the state

The trend in the interpretation of legal norms and in the actions of government bodies that owe obedience to them leads to show us the degree of legality that public bodies hold in the application of these legal norms.

Hence, there is often speculation about the extent to which there is an effective subordination to the entire set of current regulations and what is the inclination in the application by those bodies of the legal system.

These are trends that concern scholars of Public Law and that observe a set of values ​​that it must observe in its varied activity, in which it must try to maintain the State-Citizen balance, strengthen it and provide guarantees to restore the balance. in case of alteration.

One of the values ​​that is aspired to be achieved in any political system and that determines the measure of its legitimacy is the normal conduct assumed in the channels demarcated by legal norms of different nature and hierarchy. If this is not the case, the political system itself has the means at its disposal to review this irregular action and repair it with the purpose of its adequacy, with the purpose of maintaining the aforementioned rule of law and that must be practiced in an ordinary, normal and by the public body and by the citizen.

Modern doctrine teaches us that both the state and the citizen must feel the order that compels them to be natural and turn it into a system of life without any pressure. By becoming the natural habit, the discourse of public bodies will not require the pressure of the sanction system that they are designed for. In this way, the public-citizen entity relationship will be increasingly harmonious, productive and efficient.

The citizen who deserves that denomination must be a silent factor in the objective of achieving the various state goals and this is understood as a new function in the public arena exhibited every day, without the pressure of authority. Hence the motto Let's be good citizens! If so, a better state will be achieved.

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