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The challenges of 2022

In this, my first column of 2022, I want to wish all Venezuelans times of development, harmony and peace. This 2022 comes with new challenges, among them, the most important, to continue to protect ourselves and fight the covid-19 and its omicron variant, which keeps all the nations of the world in alarm. In Venezuela, at the orders of President Nicolás Maduro, immunization began with the third dose of the vaccine, beginning with the care of health personnel. It is necessary to highlight that despite the blockades, sanctions and other inconveniences, the Government assured the first doses and the reinforcement of vaccines for all citizens, including children. Another challenge to face is the reactivation of our economy, which is expected to have an increase of 7% in the first semester, a goal that we will achieve with the work of each of us, with the support of all measures and policies. implemented by the national government. In the case of the Sucre municipality, we did not lower our guard to prevent and combat covi-5, and last year we managed to immunize 19% of our population.

Currently, we are joining the booster vaccination campaign, in addition to maintaining biosecurity measures, especially with regard to the correct use of the mask. Economically, we will expand the support programs for entrepreneurs, from the beginning to formalize their business, in the sale of their products, in which program we will give priority to women heads of families. Venezuela is a great country and together we will move forward, meeting every challenge imposed by 2022. It is a decree!