The arrogant left out of the night

When one begins to review the anti-government rants, full of hatred and cynicism written by those people who consider themselves as members of "the true left" and some who sell themselves as more politically irreverent, they even proclaim themselves as "original Chavistas" and Others with an "air of the right" call themselves "the decent Chavistas," there is a lot of fabric to cut.

There would be a lot to say in the interpretation that one can make, through a rigorous content analysis, about the inconvenience that these monothematic anti-Chavista writers have caused in the annual message of the President of the Republic, before the National Assembly, on 12 January 2021 has described them as "the outdated left" despite the fact that there are still some of them who still believe they are Chavistas, but that every day they have full strategic coincidence with the right, since they discovered that they have "a common enemy ”: The government of Nicolás Maduro,

One wonders: why has it hurt them so much to be called outdated leftists? The possible answers can be found when we make a small profile about who they are. We have to start by clarifying that they are consummate and customary criticisms, the only topic on which they are fascinated to write is against the government, they love to speak ill of the Chavistas, because they are not how they consider that “a Chavista should act correct and perfect ”. They are extremely arrogant, although they sell themselves as "the true humble revolutionaries", but that only they are right in everything, the others are wrong, but they are not, they are a kind of "snipers" of writing, in which all days they shoot at what only they and they like to call the madurismo.

Those who are part of that small social club located in the outdated left, consider that they know more about Marxism than Marxists, who know more about politics than political scientists, that nobody has read more books than they, but they have never proposed a solution, because they enjoy criticism to the fullest.

Sometimes they define themselves as anti-political, so that no one can criticize them. But with the colorlessness of the elect, who knows if it will be missed after a year. We will see.

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