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The 7 Transformations, the programmatic future of a project

President Nicolás Maduro called for a great “Debate for the 7 Transformations”
which generated more than 63 thousand assemblies and nearly 3 million people consulted
in person, with the aim of listening and collectively building a proposal
programmatic from frank, open, participatory and inclusive discussion of all and

The 7 Transformations are a call to produce the necessary changes from a
proactive and constructive approach to public policies. Each Transformation has
its sense and meaning, we highlight some approaches to the systematization of

  1. In the Economic Transformation, we find support for a post-economic economy.
    rentier, diversified and sovereign without giving up our energy wealth and,
    promote debureaucratization and simplification of procedures.
  2. In the Transformation of Full Independence, the values ​​of identity stand out
    national, development from science and innovation and the call for a strategy of
    digital government.
  3. In the Transformation of Security and Defense, the operational readiness of the FANB
    to protect the territory – including Guayana Esequiba – and consolidate the
    decrease in crime rates.
  4. In the Social Transformation, recover the Bolivarian Social Welfare State and
    focus social policy on the most vulnerable.
  5. In Political Transformation, strengthen spaces for consultation and direct democracy
    with effective transfer of powers.
  6. In the Ecological Transformation, efficient garbage management and reorganization
    urban and green spaces.
  7. In the Geopolitical Transformation, the idea of ​​a new multipolar world is strengthened and
    the new financial and commercial architecture.
    Let's attend to the proposals of the Debate for the 7 Transformations as a
    effective mechanism for the participation of the Venezuelan people!
    (*) political scientist and lawyer (UCV)

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