Teacher is the one who teaches how to learn

Every January 15, Venezuela celebrates Teacher's Day, decreed by President Isaías Medina Angarita in 1945 in tribute to the struggle for the demands that the workers of science and virtue created in 1932 against the dictatorship of Juan Vicente Gómez. That day the Venezuelan Society of Primary Instruction Teachers was founded, which four years later became the Venezuelan Federation of Teachers, at the headquarters of the old Vargas College, then located on the corner of Cují. It is a vital date to remember that we must put into practice the socio-productive and class-conscious thinking that Kléber Ramírez Rojas synthesized in "producing food, science and dignity."

The referent of this synthesis is undoubtedly Simón Rodríguez. For him, knowledge and work go hand in hand: each factory should be a school, each classroom a workshop and a field, because the classroom is the crucible where hope is forged. For this visionary from Caracas, "the Teacher of children must be wise, enlightened, philosopher and communicative, because his job is to train women and men for society." Rodríguez distinguishes between professor and teacher: “Professor, is the one who shows, due to his dedication, that he applies exclusively to studying an art or science. Professor, is the one who communicates what he knows or professes, sitting up high. Teacher is the one who teaches to learn and helps to understand ", in this sense, for Rodríguez," the title of Teacher should not be given but to the one who knows how to teach, that is, to the one who teaches to learn, not to the one who commands to learn, or it indicates what is to be learned, nor to the one who advises that it be learned ”. For Simón Rodríguez, one can be a professor but not a teacher because “a teacher is the owner of the principles of a science, or of an art, and who, transmitting his knowledge, knows how to make himself understood with pleasure; and he is the teacher par excellence, if he clarifies the concepts and helps to study, if he teaches how to learn, facilitating work, and if he has the gift of inspiring one, and exciting in others, the desire to know ”.

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