Signs of hope

Since time immemorial, the arrival of a new year brings with it the common expectation of a happy future, regardless of the objective reality that precedes it. Associated with the birth of the child God and the commemoration of the arrival of the Magi in the same period of just a few days, the character of the new year is the birth of hope.

In today's Venezuela, these hopeful signs prevail beyond the deep limitations to which our people have been subjected with the criminal siege that today ruthlessly punishes its irreducible independent and sovereign vocation.

There are, of course, many problems that must be solved in order to achieve the welfare state to which these people are entitled, who fight with so much courage every day to recover and sustain the achievement of inclusion and social justice that only the Bolivarian Revolution It has brought him in nearly two centuries of struggle, and it was vilely taken away by the insatiable thirst for power of a clique of opposition leaders who have worked tirelessly for years for the destruction and surrender of the Homeland.

The election and installation of a new parliament with an indisputable revolutionary majority is one of those unequivocal signs of the auspicious time of good news that is coming, and in which the people have placed their most heartfelt hopes precisely because of the eminently popular character of its formation. . If something is clear, it is that the new National Assembly is no longer the center of power of the homeland-selling oligarchy that caused so much damage to Venezuelans in the last five years.

Another indisputable sign of a better future is undoubtedly the thunderous defenestration of the abominable president of the United States, who promoted the brutal aggression against our country from the White House in that same disastrous period in which the right wing controlled the Venezuelan parliament. . Already that insane without a solution will go down in history as the madman who put the world on the brink of a third (and perhaps last) world conflagration due to his sole arrogant and supremacist nature.
But the most encouraging is that there will no longer be a Guaidó disrupting the life of the country.


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