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Self-discipline as revolutionary rigor

Have you noticed the shape the body takes when we talk about discipline? It happens to me that when I mention it in meetings with work teams, even with other colleagues and other militant colleagues, when I mention it, I can almost see how the skin becomes transparent and I make visible the straight, tense shapes of their muscles; I see the change in posture, the frown, some faces even show expressions of anger, as if discipline were at odds with tenderness, and even with joy.

Who told us that being disciplined was synonymous with being unhappy? Where does the bias come from that limited the ability to see ourselves as subjects who make a revolution that is to guarantee the greatest amount of happiness possible, that is, that seeks joy, as entities that by assuming discipline as revolutionary rigor lose something? , when being disciplined, on the contrary, gives us everything.

There is something that is certain: being a person who assumes his historical role of being part of a revolution requires the awareness of learning to live among confusion, discomfort and uncertainty, because understanding these assets is learning to live by and for change and to live in the change itself, in what is transformed, in what evolves, in what is revolutionized. Discipline, understood as the ability to learn, to be disciples from the observation of how coexistence works and the commitment to improving the context, constantly invites us to transform situations, which, as we have already talked about on other occasions, , starts from having the commitment to start the revolution from whoever creates it, that is, from yourself, from yourself.

To talk about revolutionary discipline, we must begin to develop self-discipline, because it is within us like any other ability. It is not a talent, it is not that self-discipline is a gift that is given to a few, it is an art, a decision that we make daily and requires us to be aware of it in order to achieve the goals that we assume individually. , to achieve collective achievements and that is why I am writing this to you today, because to take on the challenge that we have championed, the call is to continue breaking with what limits us.

We will win, word of a woman!

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