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See the straw in the other's eye

Everyone said it, but in the governments nobody wanted to hear. Russophobia can become a serious pathology that disables the ability to reason.

Since the conflict in Ukraine began, we have witnessed a frantic dance of sanctions against Russia from the West, one after another there have been packages of sanctions against Russia, especially from the European Union and particularly in energy, of which Europe was very dependent. All of this exacerbated an already existing energy crisis. Sensible voices recommended not using the energetics as a weapon of war, because that could represent a boomerang for Europe itself. That such sanctions would ultimately be paid by ordinary citizens, and not only in a direct increase in their energy bills, but also in the price increase of many products whose production costs are involved in energy and the consequences of hindering the export of food and fertilizers from Russia. And with inflation we have run into! For example, "" points out that it has never been so expensive to go to the supermarket in Spain: food prices continue to rise in these first months of 2023 and have already accumulated a 24% increase since the start of the increase in purchase prices , in 2021. Vegetables and legumes have risen 18% in price only in the first three months of 2023. Food and beverages as a whole have become more expensive by 16,5% compared to March 2022. In more than twenty years such a sharp increase in the prices of the food shopping basket had not been observed.

All this without counting the increases in the cost of rents and services in general. As expected, these negative economic factors would sooner or later impact the political stability of Western countries in some more than in others. These days we are observing the political collapse of the Spanish government in the regional elections and the measure of bringing forward the general elections. This is only the beginning, after this case other Western governments will come. Meanwhile, Russia and President Putin are being blamed endlessly in the media for this situation. In short, see the straw in the other's eye and not the beam in ours.

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