Apure or the tournament of versions for all

It is impressive the diametrically interpretations that are being made about the unfortunate events that occurred in the state of Apure, on the border with Colombia, where the violence made an appearance due to the actions of Colombian armed irregular groups, which with cruelty and treachery have murdered the military Venezuelans who acted in defense of the country.

However, the events that occurred have been "resized" according to the "political gaze" of those who are versioning "an intentional truth" ... to show that "things did not happen as they want us to believe" ... and especially the sectors opponents of the Chavista government, which ranges from the arrogant ultra-left, passing through an anti-nationalist right ... in which these extreme sectors continue to coincide, that the only strategy is to "blame the government" for everything that happens or may happen in the country.

It is striking that both the ultra-left and the Venezuelan right accuse the government of having carried out a massacre and a brutal attack against human rights ... but they do not say anything about the presence of armed groups whose central axis of action is the drug trafficking, and who seek by all means to have a border corridor to be able to pass the drug ... and at this point, it is important to remember the great affection between Los Rastrojos and the self-proclaimed ...

For the "Venezuelan" right, the government not only "has abandoned" the border, but also protects and gives refuge to guerrilla groups, and the "narco paramilitarism" is a lie, and it is "a political show" of the government of Maduro to attack the thoughtful, peaceful and decent president of Colombia, Iván Duque, whose only sin is to receive and give hospitality to Venezuelan migrants.

But in political extremism they forget that the Colombian State does not have a presence on its borders with Venezuela, that they are responsible for entering our country so easily and that "letting irregular groups do whatever they want - that They are very violent - they respond to a political strategy of keeping the border “warm” and that can serve as a pretext for a possible military intervention. And the fact is that this probability of a warlike confrontation between the two neighboring nations ... is a scenario desired by anti-Chavez, and that would not bother US imperialism at all ...

Political scientist


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