Rosales or the tragedy

Every tragedy is a collection of horrors that are arranged in an infernal machine that crushes the characters, unconscious causes of their misery. Thus, Oedipus does not know that the man he killed in a brawl is Laius his father and that the woman he married is Jocasta his mother. When he discovers that he is the brother of his children, he suffers the revulsion that leads him to put out his eyes so as not to see the horror.

Beyond the theater, history is full of tragedy. Richard Wagner composed his masterpiece on the final upheaval of the world, with a funeral march for Germanic culture to mourn the death of Siegfried, its essential hero. Days before the fall of Berlin and the suicide of Hitler, the most infernal man known, there was a concert in which that piece was heard. It is easy to find it online: Siegfried March. I recommend it because it helps metabolize horror.

Euripides used to say that when the gods decide to fuck someone they instill in them the madness that leads Medea to kill her children.
The dramas that we have suffered in Venezuela in these 22 years of horror and glory are not few or small. To face the aggression of the most powerful and implacable Empire in history, we have conquered epic feats, producing 95% of what we feed, with athletes who bathe our flag with medals, musical youth breaks the Guinness record, we get vaccines through worthy cunning of our essential Uncle Rabbit. And last Sunday we won the mega-elections.

But we lost a primordial entity not only because of its geopolitical but also symbolic magnitude. The Zulia chose an abominable, impudent corrupt, of a ruinous intellectual level, a go-and-go puppet, with an expressionless face bordering on facial paralysis, therefore incapable of inspiring emotions, not even hatred. They did not choose worse because there is not. Monómeros has just emptied and it could serve as a figurehead for a separatist war, tragedy, that is. I understand: Zulia has been martyred and not only by the Empire but by the lack of love of a part of the revolutionary leadership and the people reacted by voting tragically.

It is now our turn to exercise the wisdom with which we are defeating the pandemic that has the world mired in tragedy.

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