Revive the economy

The Venezuelan economy must be revived.

The drop in the Venezuelan GDP was the largest in the region in a year marked by the pandemic, but the aggravating circumstance is that unlike the rest of Latin America, we had been declining since 2012, after several years of growth in the indicators, Due mainly to oil exports and their international prices, both were falling, but also our agricultural and industrial products, also our imports, which is reflected in the inputs necessary for the previous two to function and for all the above, plus the loss of purchasing power, also commerce and services. In an environment of the greatest hyperinflation in the world, the pulverization of the sovereign bolivar, it is easy to understand that the financial sector is not in good health either.

Undeniable is the negative impact of certain sanctions decided abroad, I mean those of general incidence and not those derived from the personal responsibility of decision-makers, but any objective analysis and the trajectory of macroeconomic data show that our economic crisis precedes them and causality is different and broader.
That is why there is not the slightest exaggeration in stating that it is imperative to revive our economy. Relive it, bring it back to life. We cannot settle for new companies and ventures that resist and swim against the ruinous current and although the revival of the stock market is good news, its dimensions are so small that we should not deceive ourselves either.

Very main problems lie in electricity, water and fuels. If they fail with the economy on the ground and with the restrictions of the pandemic, what would it be like if it was put in motion?

Reviving the economy will require enormous efforts, the first of double understanding. Understand its causes in depth and understand the factors that can change things. That is, political and economic factors. When I say politicians I do not mean only power, whose monopoly claim is at the base of what we live. I also speak of the opposition that must live up to its responsibility. And economic is production and work. There is the basis for them to create us outside.

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