Recall referendum, option or solution?

In the so-called corridors of Venezuelan political thought, two electoral musical scores are already playing. On the one hand, we have the next elections of governors, which only need a specific date to convene them this year 2021, and on the other hand, some scattered voices are already being heard that are pointing out that exactly in one year (as of January 10, 2022), when the Venezuelan presidential term is completed (Article 72 of the Constitution), the radical Venezuelan political opposition has the totally legal and constitutional opportunity to activate a recall referendum, in order to ask the population if they agree or not, with the permanence of Nicolás

Maduro, as head of state and government, for the entire presidential term of 6 years (Constitutional Article 230)
Now, if we do a little recent political history, it is important to remember that if national squalidism manages to activate the recall referendum, it would rather become "a second chance", since the President of the Republic had publicly committed to the nation Venezuelan to resign from her post immediately and irrevocably, if the opposition managed to get more votes than the Chavismo forces in the parliamentary elections on Sunday, December 6, 2020. What happened? The opposition barely got 2 million votes , only 30% of the valid votes, a rather strange situation, since the extreme right has for a long time an obsessive and intolerant anti-Chavismo and when it has the legal and constitutional opportunity to defeat it, they do not. It seems that they are only fascinated by illegal and unconstitutional shortcuts.

There are some key questions for those sectors that are radically abstainers when it suits them. Are they going to participate in the elections for governors? Are you willing to organize and make the effort to activate the presidential recall referendum in one year? Is this abstentionist political opposition aware that if it activates the recall referendum it is an explicit recognition that the constitutional president is Nicolás Maduro?

Political scientist.

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