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Radio vs Tik Tok

Many years ago I was shocked to hear Miguel Gila, a comedian from Spain, on an LP. Today the internet has allowed us to enjoy his brilliant ideas. It must be said that at the age of 17 Gila participated in the Spanish civil war in the Republican ranks, was imprisoned for 10 years and was an anti-war militant. I invite you to know Gila's humor.

These days, hearing several government representatives denounce the censorship of “social networks” (especially Tik Tok) against President Nicolás Maduro and the activities of his followers, I have remembered the “war soldier”, one of the characters of Gila, who used to communicate in full battle with the enemy through a telephone, and express: “Is the enemy there? Let him put on.” “Is it the enemy?… Could you stop the war for a moment?”

We have been champions in promoting in our youth the use of the enemy's "social networks" (Mea culpa); networks that use algorithms that scan, record and store everything we do with them, to know ourselves in depth. It seems that we forget that these networks are economic and intelligence units that serve corporate political interests and objectives and digital capitalism. So they not only censor, but they force us to consume the content they want.

We believe that as long as we do not have our own networks, one of the State's strategies must be directed in the first instance to our vital space, territory, geography, culture, identity, history, and open-signal radio and television are key there.

Repower the radio as a system: short wave, AM, FM and if possible, as Eng. Alvin Lezama says: “If the receivers and/or transmitters are not manufactured, if possible, obtain the licenses, patents and manufacture them. , also develop a powerful content production system for Venezuela and beyond. The challenge – he adds – of radio as a State security strategy is to guarantee an open signal with national coverage, with quality.”

The other challenge is to attract young people to the radio format and to do this we can rely on all networks, including Tik Tok. The enemy will not stop its war or its mendacity against Venezuela for a moment. Let's use what is ours to resist and move forward.

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