They provoke war

They find no other way, they provoke war and the Government of Colombia offers itself voluntarily against Venezuela. What is perceived of Apure, in the midst of a picture of indiscriminate violence by invading armed groups, minefields and dead and wounded soldiers, and what the minister said denouncing that the imperial plan is to balkanize Venezuela, destabilize the border and coming to the center of the country, they are not signs of any war, no; what we sense is a type of war planned to destroy the country, tear it apart geographically.

It is polymorphic warfare, whose characteristic is its diversity of forms that merge into a structure to invade territories; of furtive attacks, but also of prolonged and irregular warfare, being able to resort to the conventional, but in general it develops with subterfuge, with terrorism or indiscriminate violence, with ambushes and anti-personnel mines or explosive devices against a target: "whoever it is" ; and, most notably, using the media and networks for disinformation.

The Defense Minister calls it “fifth generation warfare” because he knows and understands that, in addition to the military sphere, the non-military matters in an essential way in battle, which means giving priority, among other dimensions, to the technologies of the Information and communication. It is said, then, that an operational strategy not only sees the military dimension but also the political, economic, psychological and informational dimension within the maneuver. The latter "to reach the masses and mobilize them in their support." This is what they tried from the border with misinformation and false news of a de facto situation with armed groups from Colombia: irregular, terrorists, elements of organized crime, especially drug traffickers, and computer attacks from the other side of the border. A new type of war, with hybrid profiles, beyond asymmetric warfare, to destabilize and decompose a State. Now, it is not just any problem, but as the minister said: the US tries to insert destabilizing elements in the Venezuelan border with Colombia in order to create the space that allows an escalation of war against the country and, as part of that plan, Colombia left its territory to criminal gangs.

In short, they provoke war and it is not about skirmishes.


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