Prepare for the new school year

The Government has said that its intention is to start the new school year in person or semi-presential. All the efforts and investments that are made are important so that this can be so, and also so that it is in the best way. There is no time to lose. It seems realistic to me to estimate a beginning at least semi-face-to-face, which can be evaluated in order to reach face-to-face as soon as possible.

Because a time out of the classroom like this, from March 2020 to October 2021, is already very long. The distance experience has been limiting and difficult, especially for public school students. The pedagogical offer of the Mppe has been scarce and of medium or low quality: its television programs, its guides, the additional resources offered ... Even with little money, much more could have been done. On the other hand, it was not possible to ensure access to the internet and appropriate digital equipment for all or most of the students, and not even for all or most of the teachers. To a large extent, children and adolescents, together with their families and their educators, have been left to their own devices during these difficult times. Hopefully they can return to their schools soon. And hopefully they can find there a pleasant environment, even a basic staff and some teachers who have received guidance and support to receive them in these unusual circumstances.

Starting with the school premises, with sadness we receive recurrent news about their robberies by the underworld, which does not respect childhood spaces and rather takes advantage of the pandemic and the lack of electricity service to accentuate its harmful action. Among the most recent cases is that of the Bolivarian high school Cerritos Blancos, the only school of its kind in the Barquisimeto neighborhood of the same name. The journalist Marla Prato reviews the event and explains that it is not the first time that criminals have raided there, but that this time they ended up with what little was left: computers, taps, protective doors ... even wells, in uncontrolled violence. There are 1.230 disadvantaged students.


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