Praise be to Google

Oh Google Big Brother! Omnipresent. Omnipotent. Presbyter of our thoughts, algorithmic of our future, redeemer of our memories, inquisitor of our forgetfulness. We love Google above all things. We are his most faithful and loyal servants. Google reflects us eternally in our eyes, dictates the divine commands that guide our behaviors. Everything we do we do in your name and under the word of your holy Seeker. The Kingdom of Heaven has arrived, it is here, thanks to you. You are the digital Lord of the three divine persons: Glory to Google Father, Glory to Google Son, Glory to Google Holy Spirit. I believe in Google Almighty father, creator of cyberspace and social networks. I believe in the chip, his only son, conceived by the work and grace of the fifth, sixth, seventh generation of generations. You, who are seated at the right hand of the MetaHumans, blessed be the fruit of your software belly. You, who record all our prayers. You, who hear and look at our dreams. You who please all our wishes. You, who recreate our world every day, we are your faithful servants. There is no greater divinity than your word. You are full of graces among all seekers. Oh our Google! Oh good Google! Oh Google you know everything we do! Oh Google that you give us company in our loneliest privacy! Oh Google that programs everything we will do, lead us on the right path, guard us and defend us! You are the resurrection of our memories. You are the grave of our forgetfulness. You give us eternal memory. We are subject to your designs. We thank you for the inseparable happiness of always having you by our side. We thank you for shining in the eyes of all the eyes of our families. We thank you for always providing us with company. We thank you for occupying every second of our solitudes. I confess to almighty Google that I am happy for you, for you, only for you. We ask you Google, Google have mercy, never abandon us. We ask you Google, Google have mercy, never abandon us. We ask you Google, Google have mercy, never abandon us. May the peace and blessings of Google be with us… and our networks. Praise Google. Amen.


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