Parolin's visit

We have spoken of the Venezuelan importance of the beatification of José Gregorio Hernández, whose deep significance for our people is well known. The relevance of the fact coincides with what happens when our country lives with more serious accents, an emergency that belongs to the whole of humanity. Here it is added to a multiple and prolonged crisis.

Why am I underlining it? It is obvious. Our national picture contains ingredients closely related to what José Gregorio can symbolize, who manifested his deep spirituality, his living Christianity, in the scientific field as a researcher and doctor dedicated to healing and in that of solidarity as a concrete expression of love.

On the occasion of his beatification on Friday 30, Pope Francis is represented by his right hand in the Holy See, the Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolín, a kind of prime minister. A knowledgeable in detail of Venezuela, where he was Apostolic Nuncio until 2014. He learned to love our country and its people. So much so that he left here, according to his own statement said in Venezuelan, with a "great guava" for leaving us. This has been commented in a notable article by the director of the SIC magazine Juan Salvador Pérez.

Parolín is very knowledgeable about this country that he knows and loves. His second in the Secretary of State is Monsignor Edgar Peña Parra from Zulia. It has here a very active Nuncio and mainly, the vast national network of the Venezuelan Church: Cardinals Porras and Urosa, archbishops and bishops, priests, religious and the laity organized in a network of initiatives of apostolate and solidarity. Nobody is going to tell stories to those who know stories.

His visit will logically be short. Intense busy schedule. He will see spokespersons for the power and the opposition. I wish I could talk to other sectors. I would like to recommend to hisinterlocutors that they do not invest the time that can be devoted to them in speeches to reiterate their positions. Don't tell him what he already knows. This is a diverse country and a divided society. Take the opportunity to open up with modesty, listen thoughtfully to his message, surely, consistent with the social doctrine of the Church and with the insistent pontifical preaching. As in Fratelli Tutti. The problems ask to overcome "the culture of the walls." The best policy is one that tries to find ways to develop the fundamental human rights of all. Without exclusions, without discrimination.


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