Pandemic at home

Did you not know that your child has only 20 teeth? Don't you remember that the one who passes next to you in panties has a first and last name and is not just "the lady", mother of your children? How can you not tell that the stain on the kitchen wall is not the appearance of the face of Christ, but a leak that sprouted when the tap in the sink broke in March of last year?

Let him raise his hand who after a year and a bit of confinement, is not about to go crazy, praying to all the saints that this poisonous virus disappears once and for all from the planet.

And it is not that one does not love his family and does not estimate the domestic arbitrariness of what they call home, it is that life had accustomed us to the fact that this dangerous territory was a passing trance, a “special moment”.

In none of the apocalyptic nightmares that Hollywood has us accustomed to, have they ever recreated the least grossing but most common picture in millions of houses around the world at this moment: five people (Dad, Mom and the three boys) sliding gelatinous between the four walls of the confinement.

What social distance or what nothing.

Therapists say that most divorces occur after school holidays return. There is a moment, during those two months of rejuvenation (and that is not about absolute seclusion), when the couple's seams fall apart and the great truths explode: "my mother told me," worse ”,“ I don't know how I fell in love with you ”.

Now that the pandemic generated by Covid-19 has permeated almost 100% of the Earth, requiring us to maintain social distance to break the chain of contagion, it seems inevitable to stay together at home.

Let's turn to measurements: the one with the least “inputs” on the phone has received at least 2 million videos of indoor exercise routines from completely unknown families; 700 thousand recipes for pumpkin pie with raisins; 1.500.000 yoga poses to walk around the house; 3.534.244 memes about cats and the Dark series, and billions of bad jokes against the government. They are the attacks of the confinement.

To contain the emergency, in the heat of the home, martial dispositions have arisen to avoid the madness of friction, before a great reluctance and obstinacy for the same ideas overtake us, as in The Suicidal Vessels, Horacio Quiroga's story, crew members of a drifting boat end up throwing themselves overboard.

It is time, it seems to be the mandate of this time, to rediscover why one day we fell in love with that woman or that man; why did we decide to build a house to extend the family, and why did we decide to bring young children to an increasingly exhausted world. While we find answers, maybe we get vaccinated and we escape.


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