Other election messages

Like any political event, the elections for the people of Barinas to select their governor are the subject of multiple opinions and analysis, nuances being marginalized, to reduce the matter to the old metaphor of the glass half empty or half full. In addition to listening to the speeches, we have to observe the silences and the interpretations that these can give rise to.

It is also true that some forget that prudence is a good advisor at this time, since after the waters calm down, the state of things can be seen more clearly. At the moment the waters are still a bit rough, but we are towards a process of rest. That said, the electoral messages left by the regional elections, which were missing a chapter, are clearer today.

The first and most important: we are in a democracy and whoever gets the most votes wins. The discourse of those who have been arguing that what there is here is a dictatorship is falling again. Now what are they going to say? Many of these today maintain that democracy triumphed. A land that a large part of the opposition leadership has despised and in which they now boast. Today, those who won assume to govern, recognizing the institutionality and its holders.

Second, now with the complete film of the regional elections, the balance is tremendously positive for Chavismo, since they continue to be the most important political force, with more mayors, governors, regional deputies and councilors.

Third, Chavismo knows how to lose and proves it again. Accept defeat and move on. They drop the fallacy of totalitarianism.

Fourth message, it is not easy to heal the wounds, product of the mistakes of years, in such a short time. Despite the promise of the homeland candidate in Barinas radically applying the three R's, it has not been long enough. I appreciate Arreaza's speech, that the necessary votes were not obtained to overcome the contrary, but it has been the beginning of the remoralization of the Chavista base. An issue that is necessary and vital also, at the national level.

It is not the first, nor the last election, nor the most important, democracy continues. In such a way that the fight continues, as an old friend says "until the last round".


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