Nariño world records

It's certainly not soothing or restorative to sleep with an enemy who holds world records for bestiality. Above all, when it comes to who we distinguished with the name of "sister republic."

It is time to recognize the Government of Colombia for the records it holds. Example, the world's largest cocaine production. When counting in 2020 its cocaine hydrochloride production potential: 1.228 tons per year; and enjoy the achievement of 245.000 hectares of production.

Colombia exhibits the record of social intemperance by maintaining a war between the State and an irregular military front for more than 40 years. What a democracy. That is sustained by the military and paramilitarism. Invention patented by Uribe.

Important monster paramilitarism: father of mercenarism. International franchise that began its first stage on the continent in the 80s. Only with "Urgent Services" -assassinations and quick collections-: Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, round trip on the same day. Then he expanded the radius of action and the series of transcontinental range works: Argentina, Spain, Italy. Thus it sells operations of mercenary hordes of greater gravity and cost and advantages to its users, -another record- clients of the CIA for the development of “terrorist operations”. Gideon type.

Nariño manages to position his brand as a springboard and base of operations for false positives (Uribe starts, Duque continues). The mercenary seal of Colombia is internationalized and its position in markets previously controlled by the United States is assured.

With the advice of the Israeli army, the Colombian mercenaries enter the field of intelligence and counterinsurgency matters to the national military. Makes "mercenary brand" and popularity with the launch with the support of Plan Colombia. It uses technicians and technologists - another world record - from the seven US military bases.

Another record, its mercenary product became known with Operation Ojo de Dios, aimed at maneuvering political destabilization in Venezuela on a large scale from Level 905 in Caracas.

The phenomenal, historical record of Colombia is the assassination of Jovenel Moïse President of Haiti. Achieve Guinness record. Committing the wildest assassination recorded in the American continent in the XNUMXth-XNUMXth centuries and so far in the XNUMXst century against a president left to his own devices. May God protect us from these demons and their records.


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