My vote

I am going to vote for Venezuela and for the Venezuelans, for the future, for hope, for change, for unity and for progress.
I am going to vote against a government that has done immeasurable harm to Venezuela and Venezuelans. Enough is enough!
I am going to vote because I believe in intelligence, in the possibility of solving our problems in a peaceful, democratic, constitutional and electoral way.

I am going to vote for peace and against violence. Venezuela has suffered greatly, throughout its history, from violence for not having been able to find intelligent and peaceful ways to resolve our differences.

I am going to vote because I believe that the electoral route is the only one that can lead us to victory. I don't believe in coups. Too many have we had throughout our history. I don't believe in foreign invasions. I do not see them as probable and much less desirable. It also makes me very sad to hear about it because it means that we want others to do the work that we have to do. The alternative to the electoral route is violence and I do not believe in violence.

I believe in political work. In the organization of the people in each state, in each municipality, in each electoral center. I believe in the political struggle with the people, alongside those who suffer, identified with their problems.

I believe that abstention is a leap into the void. To abstain is to help the Maduro government to perpetuate itself in power. Nobody is more interested in abstention triumph than those in power. If abstention wins again, in Miraflores there will be a party.

As happened when the last presidential elections. He won the abstention and Maduro celebrated the triumph of the abstention. Thanks to the abstention he has stayed two more years and what is missing.

The government has been very incompetent in solving the country's economic and social problems, but it has been very adept at encouraging abstention. It has succeeded in causing a very large percentage of Venezuelans to be disappointed in the electoral route that is the only one that can remove Maduro and ignite a new hope.

I am going to vote for the union and for the progress of Venezuela. I am going to vote because Maduro would like me not to vote and I am not going to please him.

If we all vote, we win. If we all abstain, Maduro wins. We will continue talking.

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