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I turn on the television, which they say “nobody watches” now, and the Globovisión morning program is on. Mr. Fernández, the interviewee, shows the seams that he tries to hide behind his manners as a politician educated in the Christian social tradition. He says, more or less like this: “If the candidate wins (if he loses the Government) the sanctions will naturally be lifted.” He plays, therefore, like the good policeman of the television series: “behave well, surrender and the torturer will not continue hitting you.” And he tempts the weak like the devil, “you just have to do what the torturer wants, and you will see how everything improves.”

To achieve confluence on “their candidate” the participation of the United States ambassador (who is not in Venezuela but in Colombia) was necessary: ​​they unite or they unite. “Yes, sir.” And the governor of Zulia, Mr. Ramos Allup and his companions, to whom Mr. Fernández joins, agree to support a gentleman about whom they know nothing, who clearly does not seem like a candidate, but the lady wants him that way and the ambassador It seems fine... what if not?

The label of torturer was earned by the United States Government with the statements of Trump and his officials, brazen and without pruritus: “sanctions hurt and are aimed at producing pain”, it is the payment that a victim country has to make, like the one the “good cop” also wants.

And the interest of the torturer is also confessed: “if Latin America is worth it, it is because of its resources; If Venezuela is worth it, it is because of its oil and its mineral wealth that are strategic for us.” The friends of the north (“friends” of their court of servants, who know, but act crazy, that it is not a friend, that it is a master), meanwhile, bring aircraft carriers closer, establish military bases in Guayana Esequiba, show us their F18s on the border.

For the genuflexes, the “international community” is the other name of the American Government, it does not matter that they are left practically alone in the General Assembly of the United Nations, where 144 countries vote for the recognition of Palestine, but are stopped by the hand of the United States embassy with its veto power.

Those who present the elections as blackmail dismiss a conscious and brave people who, with many sacrifices, little by little, we raised our country.

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