Miranda, marked by bad luck

Undoubtedly, El Precursor Sebastián Francisco de Miranda was a being persecuted and harassed by bad luck, because, despite having gathered in his military career various ranks starting with those of Spain for having successfully fought against the Moors in Morocco and pirates in Algeria and other scenarios of Spanish colonialism, was one of those who entered victorious after mounting "the siege of Pensacola" in the war of independence that the United State of American maintained with the English, in addition to other actions that determined the General George Washington's triumph at Yorktown. However, in addition to having made a brilliant military career, he went to die in a prison (La Carraca) on the Hispanic peninsula, on July 14, 1816, the day exactly 27 years after the storming of the Bastille. with which the French Revolution was beginning, from which he came to hold the title of Field Marshal, being the fourth of the 22 of that great revolutionary mutation that humanity had and thanks to this his name appears in the Arch de Triunfo de Paris, in one of whose prisons he spent 17 months. After walking the triumphal road, he falls victim to the betrayal of his boss Charles-Francoise du Perlir, known as Dumoriez, who endorsed his mistakes and finally went over to the enemy and the Bourbons when he was defeated at Neerwinden. Upon leaving prison, the first universal Caracas man was raised on the shoulders of the Parisians. He was also a colonel in the Russian Army by order of Catherine the Great.

On December 10, 1810, Miranda arrived at La Guaira and was acclaimed by the people of the port. In Caracas there were cheers but not the joy of Mantua, because “he was the son of a baker”; However, he was designated as generalissimo until July 25, 1802, when he was arrested in La Guaira and sent to prison in Cádiz.

He triumphed in La Victoria, but signed an agreement that Domingo Monteverde violated and thus went to prison. On March 28, 271 years of his birth were celebrated on the corner of Padre Sierra in the heart of Caracas.
Certainly this extraordinary Venezuelan was persecuted by bad luck and it is noticeable in such a long biographical history that in the face of so many positive events, the tragedy that determined the end of his life prevailed.



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