Minchi - Decisive Chief of the British Legion

This past February 9th marked the 224th anniversary of the birth in Dublin of Charles Diego Minchi, the last decisive leader of the British Legion in the Battle of Carabobo, in which Simón Bolívar defeated Miguel De La Torre.

Thomas Farriar was the initial commander of that legion who, upon receiving injuries in combat, would die a month later in Valencia. That body, which was part of the division commanded by José Antonio Páez, played an important role in the development of the meeting that took place on June 24, 1821. 119 troops of the legion died in combat, 17 of them officers. When Farriar was wounded, William Davis took command, who like the third in command, James Scott, would succumb in battle. In that circumstance, Charles Minchi assumed, then captain who was 24 years old. Despite receiving two wounds, Minchi led an action that allowed Páez's division to win the savannah, causing numerous casualties to the royalists and with the remains of the Valencei Battalion, their leader De La Torre fled to Valencia. This decision by Minchi led to Bolívar incorporating him as a member of the Order of the Liberators of Venezuela with the right to use the Carabobo shield in addition to promoting him to lieutenant colonel.
Charles Minchi was one of those Europeans hired by Luis López Méndez at number 27 Grafton Street in London, where the predecessor Francisco de Miranda had lived with Sarah Andrew, who was the mother of his two children: Leandro and Francisco.

On the Héroe ship, Charles Minchi arrived in Guyana along with his brother Guillermo, who was to die from tropical diseases typical of the time. They arrived exactly on April 19, 1819, when Vicente de Emparan y Orbe had been dismissed for nine years.

In the development of his services, Minchi was under the orders of Francisco Antonio Zea, who ordered him to lead a force to the island of Margarita, blocked by the royalists. Then it was under the command of Admiral Luis Brion and Carlos Soublette. It was then that he ended up under Páez's orders. All these activities were carried out before entering the Campo de Carabobo.

With Venezuela at peace, Minchi goes on to perform administrative services, he was Commander of Arms of Caracas, director of the National Supreme Court. He was also head of the Ministry of War and Navy. With the rank of brigadier general he retired, married and started a family. This irish venezol

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