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Midwife of which story?

The history of property is inherent to violence. And at the same time, the only way to achieve any type of change is violence itself. Hence Marx points her out as “the midwife of history.” That there will be no other history without the application of force, of weapons and leaving the legion of death that is necessary.

The confrontation between owners, bourgeois or oligarchs and proletarians of all countries is inevitable with a view to producing the revolution, the transformation that means the implementation of a reality where all men are owners of everything, and consequently there is no need for the apparatus of controls and official violence, given that peace, understanding and concord will reign.

176 years after the Communist Manifesto of Marx and Engels, there is a broad record of experience that follows the orientation of fighting for “a better world”, which leaves behind the exploitation of those at the top and those at the bottom. A world in which the dignity and human condition of all men prevail.

The fight against the established powers began with the Paris Commune in 1871. This confrontation was followed by the Russian, Chinese and other experiences that eventually formed the “socialist and communist bloc of the new history.”

Now, did the “midwife of history” produce somewhere, in addition to a legion of death, the seizure of power by the proletariat that would end the reign of superior men, heroes-leaders-liberators?

And after nearly two centuries of “revolutionary violence,” are there territories in this world freed from all bureaucracy and exploitation? Will we continue applying the old communist precepts or will we advance in terms of creation and contributions?

In Our America today we follow the guidelines of the so-called discoverers, conquerors and colonizers, that is, of the invaders of humiliation, subjugation and exploitation. The stigma of being inferior or discovered is thus maintained among the majority.

There are more than 5 centuries of ignominy that can only be eradicated with a conscience of the undiscovered that understands that “no one discovers anyone” and that there are no superior and inferior men, beyond the violence of capital. In our Venezuela, open violence has also prevailed. And today voices are heard encouraging its continuation.

Sancho, and what will someone who only thinks about “the midwife of history” have in his head?

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