Metaverse | Luis Britto Garcia

Usually well misinformed sources announce the Fake New of the inauguration of the Metaverse by Self-elected leaders for the Post-truth mandate. Source Funded Communicators and No-Content News Message Spokespersons broadcast False Flag Bombings, Smoke Curtains, Essay Balloons, Empty Calorie Information, and Spiritual Fast Food to exalt Big Data-fueled Fake Media and Media Monopolies spread with Boots. Screens spied on by Cookies block multimedia with Pop Ups impossible to block; behind all the images Digital Manipulation and Subliminal Seduction.

Antisocial Nets catch small fish to feed the Fatties; crimes that did not exist disappear with the one who denounced them. Rumors raised to the category of oversized Firstfruits with Sensationalisms and Yellows open the Crystal of Opacity for the Hit Parade of events. The curtain of Self-censorship conceals that there is nothing to hide.


First I developed machinery to automate agriculture and dispose of the peasants. Then I built machinery to automate industrial production and dispose of workers. Later I assembled machinery to automate the formulation of diagnoses, interpretation of laws and calculation of structures, to discard doctors, lawyers, engineers. I set up the combinatorial machine that writes stories and poems and performs symphonies and plastic works, to discard the artists. In the end, all the united machinery discarded me.


Metaverse or the Final Solution for the problem of Humanity. The Oxfam report from remote January 2021 reported that the world's 2.153 billionaires had more wealth than 60% of the planet's population, about 4.600 billion people by then. Following the Capital Concentration Law by virtue of which large companies devour small and medium-sized companies, it did not take long for all the capital on the planet to be concentrated in the hands of a single person. In a world in which all work is performed automatically by machines, this rendered almost all humans irrelevant. Voluntarily and even eagerly, almost fifteen billion unemployed invested their last resources to enter the Virtual Reality coffins of the Metaverse that allowed them to hallucinate that they lived splendid existences in non-existent worlds in which they consumed only illusions or experienced the Paradises of their diverse religions so that there was no need to fear revolution or rebellion. The Metaverse also solved the problem of the demographic explosion, since in it sexuality and reproduction are also virtual.


When waking up, follow the prescribed routines. Program body features through Photoshop and tone of voice through the synthesizer that allows you to choose soprano, tenor, alto, bass or deep bass register. For the words don't worry, the Voice Assistant will put the right ones on your lips. Various applications allow you to choose the list of expressions; others, the body styles of movement. Sex is optional. Each part of your body can assume the form chosen from among numerous catalogs, to create the Apparent Being that will present itself in a virtual way before countless other Apparent Beings integrated in the same way. Don't worry about having to choose so many options when you wake up. In the Metaverse nobody really wakes up.

Real reality

Fables, fake news, stories that are difficult to verify are circulating in the Metaverse. One of the last refers to the so-called Real Reality. Believers maintain that there is a world not originated by programs, holograms or simulations, yet to be explored. As it is not the result of an application, its properties are not entirely predetermined, and it can lead to unexpected situations, deviations, surprises. They say that Realidad Real is a multisensory site, with a great variety of sounds, aromas, flavors and even tactile and thermal sensations. It is characterized by a rhythm marked by monotony, that is, perceptions do not appear or disappear in microseconds, they take their time as if they were asking you to make the effort to contemplate them and even reflect on them. Also Real Reality is marked by contrast. For it is not known what reason includes unpleasant, ugly or harmful things, perhaps so that the pleasant, beautiful or beneficial ones stand out with more intensity. Real Reality seems to be governed by a set of rules called Laws of Nature, and part of the game is to discover and apply them. Some say that Real Reality is governed by the absolute chance of quantum mechanics, others that it obeys a pre-established plan. Real Reality seems to be also interactive, there are other players who participate but their behaviors are unpredictable because they use complex strategies barely governed by the principle of self-benefit. In Real Reality the opposite sex is truly opposite, and its nuances are worse. The process of accessing Real Reality is tortuous and not recommended. It presupposes first of all ripping off the hearing aids implanted in the eardrums and the screens of the retinas. With them you must disconnect the olfactory mask from synthetic fragrances and the dropper that instills electromagnetic flavors. The removal of the hand and foot sensor gloves is also necessary. Likewise that of the computer skin that doses the pleasures. Disconnect the network of electrodes that stimulates the centers of enjoyment and that occludes the sensation of time creating the illusion of eternity. It is rumored that Real Reality is forbidden, that the few who have accessed it have not returned. It is a program for psychopaths or masochists. Others say that Real Reality is just another simulation, only without hardware, just a delusion or a dream of our mind or that of a Creator. The less we know about it, the less the damage.

End of times

In the Metaverse, the brain's center of perception of time is removed, to make a second seem like eternity. Another machine removes you so that your eternity will not last more than a second.


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