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media judgment

It took a decade for the Argentine judiciary to try to imprison none other than Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, the most important political figure in that country, through a judicial process in which, as recognized by the opinion issued by this week by the court that was handling the case, there was never any evidence of the crime that he was accused of in the rigged trial. Just one of several that have been mounted.

The origin of the investigation was none other than a twisted headline from a far-right media outlet, which put into practice the unfounded accusation format, usual in the manipulative right-wing press, in which the statement of an alleged "informant" was reviewed. ” (whose name has never been known) who claimed to have seen some black bags in front of the presidential house during the term of the then president and which it was deduced (arbitrarily and irresponsibly) were the product of a huge money laundering operation in the that she would be involved.

Since they never appeared, the right-wing media then dedicated itself to determining the route they would have taken, thus giving rise to the cause known as The K Money Route, which consisted of moving heaven and earth in search of said bags.

For a decade it was titled daily with that name (La Ruta del Dinero K) assuming that the commission of the crime was not under discussion, because for the press that was a fact. That what it was about was establishing where the money would have gone.
Countless resources were spent in the search for money that did not exist, thus convincing the Argentines that their leader was a criminal. They rented heavy machinery to do excavations in different places. They almost demolished his house by drilling holes in the walls in the absurd investigation. They traveled the world looking for accounts in offshore banks. They appealed to dozens of "repentant" which is the unusual figure of Argentine law that consists of the imputation and imprisonment against any person, who will be released only if they admit to regretting participating in the crime that is imputed and accuses by means of a statement to the official or official designated by the court.

A whole media trial.

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