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The mathematical calculations to dismantle the false crowds of “Doña Violencia” and the old man “chévere"

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1.- Did they rent the misogynist? … A person with the age of the top candidate and such precarious health conditions cannot manage alone. And the misogynist was clear: “I will not do an electoral campaign in the street” and, suddenly, we saw that they announced it for a rally in La Victoria, Aragua state. Did the wife and daughters rent it to “Doña Violencia”? Did they force him to go? The misogynist is not worthy of pity, but it was truly painful to see him take the stage. He could hardly walk or lift his arms. Didn't it hurt the daughters to see their father in those conditions? Are they not aware that the worst can happen to them? There is nothing free in the extremist exhibition. Everything has its price.

2.- 3,2 million dollars… I have never bought into the story that since they are rich, they don't steal because they have money, and even less so in the case of family names, who have always lived off the corruption behind power. That ventriloquist role that “Doña Violencia” plays with the misogynist was always played by her oligarch family behind the president they set up in Miraflores. Therefore, I have no doubt that that lady kept a good slice of those 3,2 million that the gringos gave her for the primaries, with the condition that she would give them PDVSA, if she came to power.

3.- The Essequibo… The actions of those terrorists who want to hand over our territory to the gringos are outrageous. The Minister of Popular Power for Defense, General in Chief, Vladimir Padrino López, said that, in a forum held by the head of the Southern Command, Laura Richardson, in the United States, the traitor Carlos Vecchio came out saying that the FANB assumed a warlike role. regarding Guyana, when as a Venezuelan he had to criticize the installation of US military bases in that country. They are less than trash and they want to get to Miraflores.

4.-Gringo anguish… The presidential elections in Venezuela have the gringos more active than theirs in November. The reason is very simple: they try by all means to recover the riches of Bolívar's Homeland and they know that their candidate, the misogynist, has no life. The terrorist opposition can deceive its followers with paid surveys, but the gringos handle reliable numbers and know that the popularity level of their puppet is low. They made him leave his house and it's worse, they fear that he will fall into a coma and not make it to July 28.

5.- The old man chévere... Just by living in the United States after holding a diplomatic position, there was reason to at least doubt the honesty of the misogynist. Furthermore, it was understandable that, for some reason, he turned out to be the anointed one of the North American empire.

In my case, as soon as I met him, it was clear to me that he is an opportunist who crawls for power, first, despite the deterioration of his health, he agreed to be the cover of a bandit like “Doña Violencia”, second, after being ambassador of Argentina begged for a third-ranking position in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

I also sensed that he was a bandit defeated by the years, involved in any misdeed, what I did not know was the type of crime and, comrade Diosdado Cabello, in the program Con el Mazo Dando, spoke of his complicity with the fugitive Leopoldo Castillo (a) “El Matacura”. 

I refresh your memory. Castillo, when the misogynist served as his second-in-command, was his accomplice in the rape and murder of four nuns from the United States, by the National Guard of El Salvador, accused of being subversive: Maryknoll Maura Clarke, Ita Ford, Ursulina Dorothy Kazel and Jean Donovan. The event occurred on December 2, 1980. The nuns denounced the atrocities of the dictatorship in the Central American country.

“El Matacura”, in his capacity as Venezuelan ambassador to El Salvador, was accused of supporting the so-called Operation Centauro, and was also investigated for the massacre of the Jesuits Ignacio Ellacuría, Segundo Montes, Ignacio Martín-Baró, Juan Ramón Moreno, Armando López, Joaquín López, Elba and Celina Ramos.

And there, next to Leopoldo Castillo was the quiet misogynist, supporting him; just as they read it, that old man “chévere”, with a tender appearance, who wants to cry when he speaks next to “Doña Violencia”, endorsed those crimes.

These two cowards played the role of "toads", passing on information that allowed the location of the leftist militants, so that they could be murdered by the Salvadoran military, trained at the School of the Americas and in the SOA, a North American organization that trained squads. of death.

6.- The effort of fascists to continue doing harm… People are overwhelmed, as the terrorist opposition called for more coercive measures against Venezuelan men and women. This is how oligarchs are in their essence, they are not going to change. They hate the country, they despise the people.

For them, Venezuela is a piece of land that they would not hesitate for a second to hand over to the gringos. They do not understand, they do not digest what the homeland is, what Ali Primera said: “the homeland is the man, guys.” 

Therefore, they ask for unilateral coercive measures, with the purpose of making people go hungry, so that they cannot buy a crust of bread to feed their sons and daughters. They dream of a future for Venezuela in darkness.

It would be disastrous if the misogynist and “Doña Violencia” came to power. The minds of these people are conditioned to destroy, kill, harm. 

A president of Venezuela must have not only the knowledge, intelligence, ability, the capacity for dialogue, tolerance, to direct the solution to the current crisis, but also human sensitivity. You should be moved when some Venezuelan cannot find anything to eat. And the terrorist opposition is indifferent to such a situation. 

7.-This is how they do the calculations to dismantle the false crowds of “Doña Violencia”…It is well known that this lady is a líder of paper. He didn't know anything about the town, and based on his shortcomings and weaknesses, they put together a campaign team with photographers, cameramen, wide-angle lenses, devices that make it possible to increase the attendance of his mobilizations, in such a way that, if about 100 people attend , they make them look like 1000.

Old tricks, but people forget and you have to remind them. The same occurs with the mathematical calculation of its conglomerations. The terrorist opposition will deceive its followers about the number of people it brings together, but not the Bolivarian Government.

There is a practice that, in my case, I know was done since the time of the Disip, now Sebín. There is a constant that shows that three or four people can fit in a square meter, it all depends on the distance they are from each other.

Let me explain: If people are very separated, they calculate that three people can fit in one square meter, but if they are very close together, 4. Then, they calculate the square meters of the area where the concentration originated.

Having then the attendees that fit in a square meter and the square meters of the place where the crowd was formed, everything is reduced to a simple multiplication. 

For example, if attendance is very compact, multiply 4 people by the number of square meters of the place where the concentration met, and give the number of followers who went to the event.

If the audience was very separated, one person distant from the other, multiply 3 people by the number of square meters of the place where the group converged, and obtain the number of supporters.

For this reason, the Bolivarian Government laughs at the lies of “Doña Violencia” when she talks about the number of people she claims to bring together in her mobilizations.

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