Made in USA matches

The United States, without warning, scrapped the G4, like a junk. The alliance made up of VP, PJ, AD and UNT -in that imposed order- was dissolved in Bogotá by James Story, the gringo ambassador to the phantasmagorical “government” of the interim Guaidó. The diplomat did not consult anyone. He summoned the aforementioned parties to a meeting in Colombia and there informed them that they are now part of a coalition called NELA (New Alliance for Free Elections). Only a chorus was heard in the conclave: Yes, sir!

Proconsul Story did not go around with explanations. He also claimed the status of spokesman for the humiliated coalition. He informed the submissive media what the "Venezuelan" opposition will do from now on. Neither question nor cross-question. "Yes, sir." Story is a snippet of the Trump administration that Biden left out to do the dirty work on what they call the "Venezuela Case." When it gets in the way, he'll put it aside with what's left of the G4, with its aromatic mix of Madrid's Salamanca district and the whiff of the Penélope de Cúcuta hotel.

The empire has assembled parties and manufactured leaders in various countries of the world. But that had not happened in Venezuela, where even the right had traces of shame and some arrest of nationalism. All of that was lost in this pandemic and blocked XNUMXst century. The AD party, together with their stepson UNT, buried their doctrinaire belly button under a cross of dollars. VP and PJ don't have ideological blushes because they were born facing north. Bush gave them the first spanking and Obama suckled them. Whatever Story orders comes to them as a lullaby.

There was a time when Venezuelan parties were made in Venezuela. Nor is it something new to sell or buy political organizations, including their secretary general. Years ago, Domingo Alberto Rangel wrote the book The merchants of the vow, worse than those of the temple that irritated Jesus. But they were matches or little matches made here, with Venezuelan wax and wick. That ended. Now comes the James Story, with an organization under his imperial armpit, and he caps VP, PJ, AD and UNT. It's a game made in Manhattan or Atlanta, something like that canned and preserved ketchup pavilion they sell at the Excelsior. Have you tried it?


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