Jupiter Martians

Five cardinal points, if they kill him and he dies on Margarita, an island surrounded by water, the voice of those who have no ears says without asking for baked pears or hearing whale songs, preaching popular capitalism while conjuring the verb irresponsibility, recycling barrels of used oil. The La Guaira landslide was God's punishment for voting for the Constitution. And other dazzling feats of the highly cultured opposition leadership.

Ignorance can be fatal if it is aggravated by pride. Gregory the Great promulgated the seven deadly sins, that is, that generate more sins. Pride of them is unbearable, because whoever believes himself to be the great thing arrogates himself the right to anger, gluttony, lust, even wealth. Those who formulate the nonsense that I enumerated above suffer, in addition to forgivable ignorance, of inexcusable arrogance. That is why they profess racism and other angry imbecilities like the puputov.

That explains how after formulating those nonsense they were radiant. They did not even perceive that they said a capital foolishness, that is, emblematic, paradigmatic and even legendary, which stimulates more cheapness.

In the 1945 elections, the government of Isaías Medina nominated a good man who wrote for this newspaper - with his fist and handwriting, so he could not claim someone else's error - an obituary with the word "enthusiastic", as well as with C. El The vociferous Democratic Action party exploited the gazapo with great fury and someone even composed the jovial guaracha La C de Biaggini. He had to retire from public life and is remembered only for that C, although he apparently had the merits to be evoked by more than an erratic letter. In politics you have to be careful because those slips are not forgiven. Although the opposition leadership abuses the current impunity for obscurantism. There are those who reach presidents of the United States uttering shame like Bush Jr.: "In this decade we must reach the solar system", among other evidence of dark lucidity. It is the most famous, but there are those who even recommend chlorine ampoules against covid-19, without caring about the danger of advising enormities like that from the presidency of what remains of the haha ​​Empire.

Educate yourself does not hurt.


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