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Long live 24

"We can never give in to anything, we can never allow ourselves to retreat a millimeter from the 'lefties' because, even if it seems like they are right, they never are, they take advantage of the weakest." It was the sentence of Javier Milei in his intervention at the meeting of the global extreme right concentrated in Madrid, and who has become a kind of guru, of God of wisdom for that sector that is the enemy of all humanity.

This meeting known as Live 24 should not be taken lightly, where with absolute clarity, they rejected sexual diversity, divorce, abortion, environmental policies, immigration policies and even the defense of human rights. Three slogans were heard: “Long live Spain, long live the United States, long live Israel,” “Long live freedom, damn it,” and “Gibraltar, Spanish.”

The organization was led by the far-right group Vox, which managed to rally 11.000 people. And it is the first time that they have dared to hold a similar concentration in Europe, where businessmen who financed the meeting were even present.

“No, no, I don't feel like it, a dictatorship like the Venezuelan one,” was one of the many slogans that were heard, among the interventions of the most prominent of neo-fascism and extreme rightism, from Giorgia Meloni, the leader from the Italian Government, fascist by definition, through the president of Hungary, Victor Orban, and the former prime minister of Poland, Mateusz Morawiecki. To this end, Meloni said that: “We are on the eve of decisive elections. It is time for mobilization, to take to the streets. It is time to raise the stakes, we have a duty to fight until the last day so that we are able to change the current majority in the European Parliament.”

The proposal of Jorge Buxadé, from Vox, who is going to the European Parliament, is worrying, as he called for youth to follow ultra-conservative ideas and ensure “the opportunity to have a stable job, decent housing, a strong family and a homeland.” ”.

For his part, the Zionist Amichai Chickli, Minister of Israel, said that progressive and left-wing governments want to reward the Palestinians for the massacres against Israelis, defended the war in Gaza and thanked the extreme right of the world for their support of Israel.

It is the advance of the extreme right in the world in the face of the withdrawal of what remains of the left, a left that was always confused and that, in the case of Europe, lost in ten all the conquests of a hundred previous years. Not counting the millions of deaths. “To those who do not do, they do” they usually say in my town. Definitely.

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