Lock generation

They are all the children and youth who grew up and grow since Barack Obama's executive order against Venezuela. It is marked by a word -blocking- that perhaps only was heard by Venezuelans at the beginning of the XNUMXth century, at the time of the nationalist general Cipriano Castro and a doctor and future saint named José Gregorio Hernández, who requested to enlist in the army of the country to confront "the insolent plant of the foreigner."

History creates the speech of peoples. Martí said it: "Who does not know that language is the rider of thought and not its horse?" It is not, that of the blockade, a blocked generation. On the contrary, awareness of the time and circumstances prepares it for great things. He grows up hearing about sanctions, coercive measures, shortages, foreign rewards for the heads of compatriots, malignancies, stateless, self-proclaimed, interim, kidnapping of assets, theft of ships and military threats. He grows up listening to Venezuelans calling for the blockade and invasion of Venezuela.

A few weeks ago we met a group of women and men to oppose art to the blockade. With Gustavo Pereira, Cecilia Todd, Roberto Malaver and Carola Chávez we join voices to confront this crime against humanity with verses. Simple gesture or illusion, do not disdain it. Thus, granite by granite, Cuba has managed to build a wall in the United Nations and the world against the empire that has also blocked it for more than half a century. We only wanted to summon everyone to this titanic struggle: people of song, dance, theater, poetry, cinema, television, radio, networks, sports, science, research, the humanities, the love and humor.

We write, sing, paint and fight for this generation that grows up under all the blocks and for the children and grandchildren of their daughters and granddaughters. It's always time for the ovens. Statues of the planet's first blockers, kings and conquerors of five centuries ago, roll around the world today. The liberating generation arose after three centuries of colonialism. The blockade will not wait that long because it already knows the way. The rest are your song and my verse. I wanted to close this letter with an ending that was not a pamphlet, but it came out as a pamphlet, what the hell.

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