Lie that something remains

The politics that we live daily is plagued with all kinds of lies. From the innocent who turns their back on problems; even the accomplice created by the networks, - euphemistically called "social" - great net to impose another lie, avoiding a previous one from being discovered. Own to negotiated media propaganda.

The lie is ancient like man. The Greeks created the goddess Ápate to personify deception, pain, fraud. His alter ego was his twin brother: Dolo; king of tricks and bad tricks. I spook that he also jumped out of Pandora's box. They carried all the tricks that humanity consumed as opiates of intrigue, perjury, artifice, and even presidential self-appointments.

Many of these hidden ones are nourished, especially the "science" of history. So create propaganda narratives in honor of your patrons. One of those geniuses here translated and published the story that the United States was the first democracy in the world. Regarding its chronological dimension. This product is sold as another attribute that demonstrates the "exceptional nature" of that nation, which treats us so badly. While animating his imperial pretense. They consider that before 1787 there had been no other democracy.

Lie: others pre-existed, Pej. Iceland in 930 planted an egalitarian regime, with the Althing as its Assembly. They had fled from the Norwegian tyranny and founded this republic.

Not only this case. There are other predecessors, the small republic of San Marino - located in Italy - dating from 1600. Equally remarkable was the Constitution and Confederation that the Iroquois Indians promoted in 1450, which gave, Pej. wide freedoms for women. Democratic confederation located in the territory, which went from the north of New York and reached the Great Lakes.

Process recognized, as an example, by the "Founding Father", Benjamin Franklin. The references are taken from the text of Wladimir Acosta, The monster and its entrails, Critical study of the American society of Edit. Monte Ávila 2020.

I want to highlight such lies that are intended to show that the United States is the first democracy in the world. Not only in chronology, but in "democratic" performance. Thesis, which was a bit damaged, not only with the latest savage behavior of Donald Trump, but with many other atrocities: black slavery, coca, wars and lies.

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