Imperiophobia or Imperiophilia

I had the disastrous experience of coming across María Elvira Roca Barea's book: Imperiophobia and Black Legend, Rome, Russia, the United States and the Spanish Empire.

The author intends to give a new meaning to the concepts of empire, black legend and imperiophobia. She dismisses the themes as a pathology whose origin is in envy, the hubris that the success of empires awakens in us underdeveloped. Analyze the cases of imperiophobia to reach the Spanish empire.

Its objective "to explain" that current stories, especially the Spanish empire, are based on ideas that were bottled up by perverse geniuses, such as fake news, to move irrational feelings, without foundation in real events.

Phenomenon that has created, according to Roca Barea, in Latin America and the Caribbean an "insane and self-interested Hispanophobia" to justify the historic failure of our republics from the moment - oh mistake! - that they decided to break their ties with mother Spain. Damn that the author assures we still expiate. Despite the "aids" that empires have always lavished on us and that we have and will continue to squander.

It exposes a debatable thesis by which in the way of life before Columbus, "the aborigines were happy living in a state of perfect Edenic equality, and that this superior moral ideal, neither the meek Franciscans nor the most circumspect Buddhists have achieved it" . She affirms: "Whether the utopians like it or not, most people prefer to be rich to be poor." For this reason, LQQD, end up in productive and organized societies like those that neoliberals dream of. Thus we discover who the book is targeting: and, as Franco has been able to say, "the existence of hierarchy and power is necessary for human society to exist."
But, she runs into the wall of the professors of the Complutense University César Vidal and José Luis Villacañas, who express: this book is a simple example of how to write to impoverish the language and its grammar: “it is one of the worst-edited books in our language ”. Use dating technique, even from the internet, to hide methodological rules. It is an emporium of falsehoods and absences about the Spanish conquest; paradigmatic, its omission, of the Encomienda, one of the most brutal forms of slavery in the record of the Spanish empire, known to humanity.

Roca Barea writes a book to glorify her empire. Impossible to recommend its reading.


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