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Humor in the campaign

I have always thought that when a politician makes his opponents angry, he is still alive, politically speaking, but if he makes people laugh it is because politically he is already dead.

I am not an advertising consultant by any means, but of everything that has come to me through social networks about the proto-fascist right-wing candidate, Edmundo González, I am left, for example, with the image of María Corina Machado at a rally holding a poster of González dressed as Chavo del 8. On the contrary, I am shocked by the message that exposes González's past as a collaborator with the CIA and the murder of priests in El Salvador. I'm not saying this is true or false, just that the first produces laughter and the second produces anger.

Even the messages in favor of President Nicolás Maduro, when done with humor, are more impactful. To show a button: the TikTok video where the monarch of the United Kingdom appears unveiling a portrait of himself and when the fabric is removed, the image of Maduro appears, instead of his portrait.

Tons of ink has been spilled on the topic of humor in advertising. An electoral campaign, without wanting to claim that it is the same as an advertising campaign, has a lot of it. Humor is one of the most effective elements for campaigning, according to many studies.

There are several advantages of humorous messages on social networks. First of all, they go viral more, which we need in these times of censorship on social networks.

When you laugh at a message, you feel more inclined to share it in other groups. Something that makes you indignant, that puts you in a bad mood, doesn't always make you want to share it, unless you are one of those people who want their environment to suffer like them, which there are.

Humor has another great virtue: it provides a shortcut to the bottom of an issue, without the need for long explanations. An image or a video of a few seconds done with humor is usually enough to convey an idea. As if that were not enough, humor helps create an emotional connection with the user.
The actions of the proto-fascist opposition have had enormous potential for humor.
To begin with, the fact that González is a candidate because of Machado's support is in itself humorous. The internet bot campaign that says “Chavista brother, vote for Edmundo” is hilarious.

I'm waiting for the video of González singing "... María Corina wants to govern me and I follow her, I play along with her...", or a video of González dubbed with Machado's voice, saying some of the corny things that she usually says. Things like that.

That humor works, everyone Edmundo knows that.


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