Humanitarian aid

Phrase composed of contradictory terms. Sum of ideas and deception. According to the UN, it is relief that the government of a country devastated by some natural catastrophe is requesting -to the organism-. The ruler asks and defines the terms and specifies the nature of his needs. It is responsible for managing it, defining territories and the way to distribute the donation. 

The tests show that this benefactor mechanism has lost its indulgent spirit and turned into another penetrating virus that the centers of power use as a turnstile and oppressive trap.

 Aberration, this "cooperation", marks the beginning of invasions. Retaliation, for not submitting to the dictates and economic, military and political interests of the hegemonic centers of power. Examples: Nicaragua (20 Oct 1911), Cuba (12 Apr 1961), Dominican Republic (20 Apr 1965), Republic of Panama (20 Doc 1989) / Haiti (29 Feb 2001), Afghanistan (Oct. 2001), Iraq (20 M 2003), Iran (20 E. 2020), Libya (19 M. 2011), Syria (15 M 2019), etc. More Venezuela, with the frustrated invasion on the Ureña bridge. Feb. 2020.  

The aid issue is reborn. The country is pressured with another offer. It requires Venezuela to agree with the World Food Program (WFP). Its Director David Beasley presents a plan that will progressively reach 1,5 million boys and girls in schools in the areas most affected by food insecurity. It will cover up to 185.000 boys and girls by the end of this year. Annual budget US $ 190 million; synthesis: clever "Plan USA, Humanitarian response to Venezuela".

This "aid" allows the United States to have a free presence throughout the national territory. Biden's interest in the aid scheme is so rampant that it will even allow a swap of diesel for food. It sounds like a ruse.

Doubt. How to believe him ?, after 5 years of blocking our accounts and assets of millions of dollars abroad. Prevent the purchase of medicines. Attack us with the "diplomatic siege." De-supply, hoard, smuggle at the border and surgically bomb PDVSA. Lying from their NGOs, in large media and social networks. Thus they hope to subdue, even divide and provoke, their failed dream, internal chaos or civil war.

Undoubtedly, the objective of this “humanitarian aid” remains the same mantra: to bring about change, to depose the elected President and to render the Interim illiterate. 


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