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How the pandemic is counted

In a society at risk and in a crisis situation like the current one, communication is required in "times of crisis" based on the right of citizens to receive information, as well as the right to participate in the decision-making process .

The pandemic and the management of governments, have placed on the table the discussion about biopolitics and biopower. Warning against the biopolitization of the viral crisis, the power of states, political intervention, the ability to manage life and the possibility of post-pandemic biopolitical excesses against real and imagined dangers.

According to our reality, various narratives emerge in the country that tell us about the crisis and dispute the meaning of the pandemic. Stories that provide us with tools to interpret the viral crisis; they frame, organize and create symbols, giving meaning and significance to the pandemic. Different spaces of interpretation in tension, which generate processes of political socialization, decision-making and possible collective actions. Disputed narratives that are built in a very complex setting and account for the conflicting areas. First of all, the narrative conditioned and crossed by polarization stands out, which imposes two dominant political trenches: Government-opposition. Narrative with biopolitical nuances that builds his story around the management of the pandemic, legitimacy, information and official data on it. Dominant story that permeates to a greater or lesser degree the other narratives, even though it is slowly being penetrated and weakened by emerging stories. The narrative constructed by the community media, closer to the population and its problems, which, even when it carries a political charge, breaks out against the construction of predominant meaning. The narrative under construction from civil society, prone to reunion and dialogue, which begins to influence predominant stories. Finally, that emanated from the international geopolitical game, which, in a kind of narrative colonization, tendentiously tells of our realities and tries to condition the internal political game.  

Contested narratives in a dynamic context where hegemony is not owned by a specific domain.



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